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January 12, 2018
by Sara Lahti

Stepping Into Self-Love


                 Love starts with Self.

What is the true meaning of Self-love?

Self-love by definition is: the regard for one’s own well-being and happiness.
The new year rang in and the Universe and my Angels  offered me one word to start the year with, “Self-love“. We are told that we are supposed to love ourselves. But I honestly am not even sure I knew what that meant. I mean, isn’t  self-love just about about eating healthy and working out at the gym? Or letting go of the asshole you have been dating? In truth those are  all  forms of self-love, but they are very surface. 
The self-love that was presented to me in meditation went a lot deeper, under the skin, deep in the psyche. Self-love was presented in my thoughts as a whole. It was also presented even deeper then how I think and talk to myself. Self-love was about finally releasing the toxic untruths I have been carrying with me for decades. Once those toxic untruths are released then only will the surface start to change. And the true meaning of “As within so without, as above so below,” will begin to be understood. 
Days after the new year began I sat in my car after a mediation class. Frantically I wrote the download of information the Angels wanted to share with me. They revealed a seed from my childhood that has affected me more then I have ever cared to look at. I can safely say that we all carry stuff from our childhood that fucked us up a bit. Some definitely more than others. For the most part my childhood seemed healthy. My brother and I always had a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and clothes on our backs. We were very blessed to grow up in a stable environment. But like I said the majority of us have something that we need to work through.

Childhood baggage.

Mine is this: My father has never in the almost 38 years of my life said, ” I love you” to me out loud. My father being a man of very few words has always shown his love through, acts of service. As I have tried to convince myself my entire life that I am ok with this. Deep down the Angels showed me that I need to be honest with myself that I need to hear those words. I am going to dive into this subject and the psychology of this more in a future post.
My brother, whom is two years older, since the day I was born was mad at me. He said it was because he was so excited for me to arrive then the first time he held me I screamed my head off. So because of that, he beat me up and made fun of me my entire childhood. Being an empath I am already hypersensitive and emotional. His abuse made me afraid and feeling unsafe. And all that robbed me of building a healthy level of self-confidence and self-esteem.
My mother in all this would stand back in a tired voice and say, “Stop it.” or “Leave your sister alone.” She never stepped in to make it stop. In regards to my father she would say to me, “Your father never grew up with any sisters. He does not know what to do with a daughter.” Her lack of force and excuse making for others made me grow a deep-seated resentment I was never fully aware of.

Download from the Angels.

This is what was downloaded from the Angels:
(Or what others may know as stream-of-conscious writing)
“The paucity of love spoken by your father, abuse inflicted by your brother, and lack of authority from your mother left you feeling unsafe. Leaving you alone and scared. This cocktail created low self-esteem and self-worth. You felt like you were not seen or properly nurtured. You have continued to surround yourself with lovers whom have not had your best interest. This has only reinforced thoughts that, “You are not enough.” These actions have blocked any true healing or pattern changing.
2018 is to be a year to step into and manifest self-love. Begin to release any residue of victim-hood. Start believing in your power and your wisdom.
Use your full voice to express your thoughts, your creativity, and your actions. Let go of career, money, and this worn out identity. It is time to also let go of these worn out paths. New beliefs are to be planted. Archangel Michael and Archangel Ariel are to walk next to you and help you step into your power. If it no longer servers you it will fall away with grace and ease. Let the new enter with grace and ease. The book on, “what was”, has been closed once and for all. The book of, “what is to be”, has come. This time for true nurturing will be cultivated. The struggle has ended. The war of self has ceased fire.
Beauty and grace are the beginning of something new. Be the temple. Stand tall. Speak with love. Offer compassion and peace to all who are still unconscious. As living unconscious is a choice, some simply do not know that they can awaken.”
(I am going to dive into other subjects from this download in later posts as well.)

Great, so that happened… now what?

For a moment after I received all this information I realized what parts of me needed to be healed. In that moment I felt a little lost. I felt I did not have any real tools to heal this pain. Because if I did wouldn’t I have done that years ago? So I decided instead of using my human mind to fix myself I would surrender it all. I would  try to trust that the Universe would deliver me the tools. I realized all that was required of me was to leave my human brain at the door and show up.
A few days later I woke up at 5:30am. My mind began to run circles of endless thoughts. A half  hour went by and I decided this was no longer how I was going to start my day. I sat up in bed, closed my eyes,  and allowed myself to fall into a deep meditation. The Angels and my Guides quickly showed up. 
Side note: Once a month on Friday mornings I attend a class called, “Intuition Gym”. The class is lead by my dear friend, Mark Mezadourian. Before each class we go around the room and everyone states their intention. Mine days before this morning wake up call was of course, “Self-love”. Later in class one thing Mark said that stuck with me was letting the “Adult” in us take control. In a sense that, a lot of us still operate from an adolescent mind. And letting the adult take the lead allows a different mind frame in making decisions. 
That morning I decided to let my adult self step in. The adult self began to process the information my Guides wanted to give me. In that moment I received so much clarity. I told myself that from now on I (my adult self) was going to protect and love me. I was going to make sure that all my needs be fully met. And no longer would I rely on others to fulfill me.
Then I began to say in my head to myself over and over, “I love you. I love you. I LOVE you. I love YOU. I fucking LOVE you. I FUCKING LOVE YOU!” I said it over and over until it happened… I finally believed it. And a single dramatic Oscar winning tear rolled down my cheek. Warm tingles rushed through my body and I was instantly calm. For the first time in my entire life I felt safe. I felt protected. I felt I could finally believe and trust myself. And most of all for the first time in my existence as Sara Michelle Lahti I felt loved. PEACE. 
P.S. This is only the beginning. I know I just scratched the surface and this is one of may Self-love posts to come. Like every true journey there is no real destination. Just an evolving experience that only gets better with time. 
*Note to Readers: Please feel free to share any thoughts or experiences. However, there is a ZERO tolerance for Trolling or Negativity on this site. #GoodVibesOnly!

January 8, 2018
by Sara Lahti

Master Key Experience- Quick Note

All posts under the Master Key Experience tab are from a self-development course, of the same name, that I took in 2015-2016. As a requirement for the course we had to blog each week on the lessons and experiences we had during that time. Feel free to read any past post I wrote for this course. I contemplated taking them down, but in the end chose to leave them up for anyone that wanting to read them. Life has changed so much since then that I may even feel differently now then what I posted then. Feel free to message me for information regarding the course.

November 6, 2016
by Sara Lahti
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Week 6.2 ~ Time To Stop Multitasking


Time to stop multitasking.

Multitasking got brought up a couple weeks ago in our MKE tribe weekly meet up. A few of us took on a challenge. For one week as hard as it may be we would stick to a concrete schedule. We quickly realized in our discussion of what maybe hindering us from staying on track is that we constantly multitask. The problem with that is we never really get anything done or even worse we get thrown off course completely.

multitaskingI have always considered myself a multitasking queen. I started to notice how well I could do this art years ago when I began waiting tables. As I would be writing down one table’s order I would simultaneously be thinking about what I had to do next. Some days I would get to the computer to ring in a table’s order and wonder if that was even what they ordered. My hands were automatically writing down the orders, but mind was completely somewhere else! I just had to trust that I wrote down the right dish. 99% of the time I was correct, but being that my brain was multitasking I definitely had a moment of doubt.

I would also take my multitasking skills when I cleaned my house. Jumping from room to room never really completing one while I am on to another. Then I would have to go back and find all the unfinished areas.

The other day I noticed that I have partially started projects, tasks, books, etc.scattered all around my house. Not one of them has been completed! I start something, get distracted or bored then move on to something else. Weeks and even months go by where then I remember that thing that I once started. That is where I also realized a feeling of disorganization comes in. A feeling over being all over the place and overwhelmed.

Here is one great article I found on Scientific Brain of why we should really stop this madness.

Single-tasking and success.

 6-20. The power of attention can be more readily understood by comparing it with a magnifying glass in which the rays of sunlight are focused; they possess no particular strength as long as the glass is moved about and the rays directed from one place to another; but let the glass be held perfectly still and let the rays be focused on one spot for any length of time, the effect will become immediately apparent.

~Charles Haanel

You have also heard the expression energy flows where attention goes. Your subconscious and the universe cannot possibly assist in attracting what you want in your life if your focus is all over the place. It cannot help reign in your deepest desires if you’re giving a little bit of attention to many things. And the result is a feeling of failure, because in the end nothing is completed or if it is completed it is not your best work.

image_detail2xAll of these years that I thought my multitasking skills were going to aid to my success in life. Now I have realized I could not have been more wrong. My lack of focus towards one major goal has made me feel like I have been constantly spinning in circles. And to be honest I think it really has lowered my self-esteem. So my answer the past couple of weeks has been quite clear. It is time to single-task! It is time to narrow my focus and take one project at a time. I am going to follow these 8 simple steps that I stumbled upon in this post on the Power Of Positivity site.

Step 1: I am going to start with a short list and will only do 3 tasks that are related to my goals.  And I will not move on to anything else until those tasks are complete. Step 2: During the allotted time I give to these tasks I will not check Facebook or emails. It is so easy to get distracted by texts, emails, etc. I cannot even tell you how long it has taken me to write this simple post about multitasking! Oops… I guess it is progress not perfection, right?!? Ha!

Be here now.

That last thing that I really had an epiphany about is that multitasking keeps one out of the moment. And to my surprise many articles I read on this subject say the exact same thing! If we are not performing our best then we definitely are not present in our lives. We keep ourselves so busy doing task after task that we are pulled away from what is going in around us. And if we are concentrating on one single task then we are “in the moment” with that task. The result is simple: Our attention is focused there for our intention is clear. Therefore, we are able to continue to pull in what we want because Subby knows exactly what we want. 52054-ram-dass-quote-be-here-now

Multitasking also increases your cortisol levels, the chemicals the are released in your brain when you are stressed. When you get stressed out you are more in your head trying to solve problems. Which in return, once again, keeps you from living in the now.

So morally of the story… let’s all try to start single-tasking and make all of our dreams a reality. One project at a time! PEACE.

October 31, 2016
by Sara Lahti

Week 5.2 ~ The Art of Surrender


Swimming Upstream

I have had many periods in life where I feel like I am constantly not in the flow. Where my mind is and where my physical being is feels like poles apart. Going against the current is exhausting both mentally and physically. But we are taught to keep going and not to give up. Because God forbid we are failures! I am my one worst enemy and I constantly have stood in my own way. I push myself to make things work even if they aren’t and I have driven myself into stalemate.

Is it the need to control that keeps us bound to these patterns? Are we unable to ever move forward if we stay stuck in controlling all the pieces?

Interesting at this same week last year I was having a similar experience. The Art of War



The Art of Surrender

This past week I had the guidance to give up. Let go. Let myself flow downstream and stop trying to control all that surrounds me. I’ve been driving myself crazy doing too many things at one time. I overly think about everything that I want, need and desire. It is time to let go of the notion that I am not enough or that there is something in me that I need to fix. I must let go of thinking that there is some other place I should be and that where I am at is not enough.

I have exhausted myself again by fighting a silent fight of internal wills. My energy has felt frantic with no real direction. I have felt busy for the sake a looking busy. And I realized I need to love where I am at in my mind, body and soul. I am right on time for what I needed of me. And maybe all of these external needs that I think my spirit wants is only ran by my ego needed something it thinks is not there. I am not enjoying life the way life was intended. We don’t need wings to fly. We just need to let go.

The art of surrendering is finally realizing you cannot control it all. You cannot control your neighbor. You cannot control every circumstance. It goes against the universal laws. It goes against the flow. Sometimes going against flow is not always the answer. Sometimes you have to surrender in order to move forward. Maybe being the rebel is not always the answer. PEACE.


October 28, 2016
by Sara Lahti

Week 4.2 ~ Focus On What You Are Wanting


Focus on what you are wanting.

I had such an epiphany this week about why I was constantly gripping to what I do not want. And why I was constantly reminding the Universe and others of everything I found unacceptable. Despite the fact that every Self-Help, Metaphysical, Self-Discovery, Manifestation… book out there all say the same thing. Focus on what you want. Do not focus on what you do not want. For some reason I still needed to repeat whenever I could what I did not want. Until I figured out WHY!


Trust is key.

It all boiled down to two simple things Trust and well maybe actually one thing. TRUST. My epiphany was that I have never really trusted the Universe and maybe myself for that matter. For some unknown reason I did not feel the Universe was doing a great enough job listening. And I never wanted it to forget the things that I did not like in my life. I had been too afraid to be thankful for the things that I do not want, because then I thought the Universe would just think that I was ok with it. But defying all laws I continued to let it know of everything that I did not like just so it would not forget. And I bet you can guess what I got in return.

Yes! More and more of what I do not want.

So with this new found information I have been left with one thing: It is time to learn to trust! It is time to trust myself first and in turn I will begin to trust the Universe. In the mean time thanks to all of the MKE exercises I can only but focus on what I want. I will keep you posted. Out with the negative in with the positive. PEACE.