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About Sara.

 Perceptive Beauty is a documentation of my journey, struggles, and thoughts about this life. It is Beauty from the Inside Out. I am an intuitive empath constantly seeking a greater truth. I wanted to build a community to share my experiences as I am constantly pushing myself to grow and accept change on my path to self-mastery. But first and foremost I am only human and I do not have all the answers. All I can do is share my open and honest experience while navigating this Earthly adventure.


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  1. As loud as the screaming is in my head is as hard as I fight back to move forward

    • Keep going Darren. You will make it to the other side!

  2. Another great blog! I get so much out of everything you write. Thank you so much for sharing! I love the idea of making myself my Hero…I am going to do that myself. Peace!

    • Yay!! Thank you so much. Thank you for the support. Cheers to our Heros!!

  3. This is one of my favorite videos. Thanks

  4. Let’s do this girl! Thanks for following me. I’m excited for our evolution revolution!!

  5. I can relate to your experience of Colorado and the Dylan song. For me it was driving east out of Omaha listening to Bob Seager’s Against the Wind in a big truck, alone.

  6. Keep up the fight. We all have the same internal struggles. I’m glad you see the outcome being positive. That’s the hardest for most.

  7. Thanks Sara, a great message; very inspirational! I look forward to following your blog

  8. Patrice Ducttte Patrice Ducttte

    very nice

  9. I am so excited you are following me! What an amazing journey we are on! Love this video so much.

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