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I drove down the long driveway to Sara Sorensen’s sprawling estate and I was instantly greeted by a pack of goofy eyed, tail wagging, happy golden retrievers. Sara greets me with a few more goldens in tow, “If I could rescue all of the golden retrievers in the world I would!” she says with a light chuckle as if she was joking, but for some reason I believe she was completely serious. She leads me through her grounds of paradise to a quaint gazebo on the edge of the world. The sky was as blue as the ocean making it hard to tell where one stopped and the other began. “My husband wanted a house on the beach but I convinced him that being up here would be less stressful in case there was ever a tsunami. The truth is, since I was very young I liked to be up high looking out over the earth, the bird’s eye view. Even living in apartments I could never be on the ground floor” she confesses. Her Malibu ranch estate is as elegant as it is comfortable. We settle in and didn’t speak for a moment taking in the earth’s masterpiece until a school of goldens came dancing around us with toys, balls, and their classic golden smiles.

ME: Sara you have taken the world by storm. Just 10 years ago you were an events assistant at a well known restaurant group barely making ends meet. Now you are multi-millionaire creative entrepreneur. What changed? How did you manage to change your life so drastically in such a short amount of time?

SS: It all started with a vision, a dream, and a little course called the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. Right after I got married in June of 2015 I realized that my life was not even close to where I wanted it to be. I have always been an ambitious and driven person, but I found that I was lacking crucial tools to take my ideas and make them tangible. Then I stumbled upon a podcast where Mark Januszewski was being interviewed. He mentioned his course, The Master Key Mastermind Alliance, and I instantly stopped the podcast and looked up the course. It was only days from beginning and I knew that this was one course I should not miss. The course first made me realize that my lack of successes in life all came down to my fundamental make up. Through our 6 months of what I would like to call “mental boot camp” I was able to break bad habits and break through my limited thoughts and core beliefs.

ME: In less than 5 years of your home based business you went from barley sponsoring one person to having one of the strongest teams in the company. How was this accomplished?

SS: Yes, when I started the MKMMA course I barely had one person on my team. The course helped me develop the skills to become not only a strong leader to others, but most importantly a strong leader to myself. Upon completing the course I attracted strong business partners and my business grew so rapidly that I was able to quite the desk job almost simultaneously. I am able to teach my team how to build their businesses from the inside out, instead of the way I was initially taught; which only left me feeling defeated daily. As I changed my perception my business changed.

ME: You also put your energy back into the entertainment industry at that time as well, correct?

SS: Yes, I started acting and writing again. All of the tools I developed also crossed over into me becoming successful in all areas of my life. I started booking high-end acting jobs, which led to having people pay attention to my writing, which led to me building a name for myself and winning and Oscar for my passion project “Tangled Up In Blue”. I am too much of a busy body to only do one thing. I constantly have to keep moving.

ME: Do you have any advise for people who are feeling stuck in their own lives?

SS: Find the things that make you want to get out of bed in the morning and go after them no matter how old you are or how far away you feel it is to obtain. Take the MKMMA course and change the world within and you will find the world without is heaven on earth.


Disclaimer: This Press Release was an exercise created in the Master Key Experience course. Follow my journey and we can all watch art imitate life. #manfestingdreamsmakingthemareality


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  1. It’s wonderful to read your press release and learn your dreams. I love the title, “Tangled Up In Blue” and the image at the bottom of your press release. I can so relate to wanting to see the long high view and being multi-passionate. Happy Day to you, Sara.

  2. Absolute perfection. I’m also a lover of the ocean, high places, and Golden Retrievers. Your press release is very relateable for me.

  3. You are a very talented writer. Beautiful:-) Can I come visit you in Malibu on the way to Kauai? 🙂 I too love the lookout. Being up high has a quality like no other. I grew up in the burbs and our verandah/deck was in the canopy of the trees. I loved it!

  4. I see the scene, so clear and beautiful! Keep going!

  5. Sara reading your Press Release I really believed you were there, it is very convincing to me and I’m positive its twice as convincing to your “Subby”.

  6. This life WILL manifest! 🙂

  7. Great clarity in here and I certainly can visualize your life. Well done.

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