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Success In Life Is Being True To Yourself


     What are your dreams and are you doing everything you can in life to go after them? A secret dream that I held in my heart for years was to try Stand-Up Comedy. For 10+ years I told myself of why it would not work out and why I would fail. But the dream never left and like our hidden dreams they become louder and louder the longer we shove them away. Then we find ourselves on a downward spiral trying to silence them so we don’t have to face ourselves and our fears.

Through the 6 month  course of the Master Keys I told myself every day that “I can be what I will to be,” and to be honest I was not even sure if I really believed that I could. But I kept saying out loud 50 times a day, “I can be what I will to be… I can be what I will to be…. I can be what I will to be!” The power sentence morphed into a song and then a dance and I found myself rocking it out on my balcony singing to the busy street below. With each phrase I was learning to believe in me.

The New Year (2016) rolled in and I made a decision. I was not going to let another year pass me by without following my heart. So I signed up for an stand-up class. When the first day approached I thought to myself, “What the hell are you doing? You cannot do stand-up!” My old blueprint wanted me to ask for my money back and fully leave this dream behind. But thanks to my newfound MKMMA tools I forged forward and walked through the door, found a seat and allowed myself to be a student and “Dare to suck.” The first thing out of the teacher’s mouth was, “Stand-up is everything everyone told you that you could not say. Stand-up is about bringing out your true self.” What amazed me is that is exactly what the Master Key System has been helping me to do for the 5 months prior to that very evening. Stand-up IS breaking away from the cement and allowing the Golden Buddha to shine.

The class was 6 weeks long. 5 weeks were spent in the classroom  and our 6th class was to perform at the iconic Hollywood Improv. Let me say this was not the easiest 5 weeks. I was challenged on every level. I found myself resisting the homework and doubting every joke I wrote. I was faced with my perfectionism, fears, doubt, and self sabotage. The clock was ticking and the count down to my show began. Was I going to succeed or was I going to fail?

It was 4pm that Saturday evening before my show and I paced around the living room failing every minute that I resisted to write my set. Finally I stopped my mind and sat in mediation. I calmed myself, tuned in and allowed my creativity to flow. I realized that no matter what I did the next evening on stage I just had to be my TRUE SELF. For once in my life I had to let everyone in the audience see and hear the true me. I opened my eyes and began to write. My jokes flowed out of me and all the blocks had receded. I spent the rest of the evening and most of the following day memorizing my set. I made up my mind that I was NOT going to FAIL!

It was Sunday evening; the sun set and the show began. My heart started to race after each person from my class went up to perform their 5 minutes. The countdown began for me to take the stage I stood in the back waiting for the set before me to end. I have no idea what the kid said and if it was even funny or not. I just focused and stretched my limbs. Then he Host called out my name and the Universe took over. I walked on that stage like I owned the damn place. I grabbed that mic off of the stand as if I had done it a 1,000 times before. And when I got the first laugh I took that and I ran with it. For those 5+ minutes the world was mine and I had nothing to hide.

When I stepped off of the stage I felt like I had never felt in my life. I felt fully alive. I felt seen and I definitely was heard! For a week after I was still on a high, my confidence was through the roof and I felt like I could accomplish anything. The moral of the story… find your bliss and go after it no matter what, be true to yourself and you will SUCCEED! PEACE.


 Here is my set! Disclaimer: Not for my parents, My husband’s family, or small children! ;-D

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  1. It is so nice to see you following your hearts desires Sarah. Your site is great and I am excited to view mine all put together. Great post! Congratulations on stepping into your dream.
    Much love..:-)

    • Thank you Deanna! Let me know when your site it up an running and I will stop by! 😀

  2. Your site’s looking amazing Sara and congrats on mastering peeing while standing!

  3. Dan Linkert Dan Linkert

    Encore! Encore!
    Wait a minute! I can just hit replay.
    BRAVO! Another Hollywood star I can boast about knowing. You Rock Baby!
    Man I have thought of stand up but like you though no can’t swing that. Not fast with my tongue. And yet I am in theatre. Miss a line just fill it in.
    Proud of you!

  4. Great to see you Sara. Wow – way to face your fears – and have em laughing.

  5. Brony Brony

    Fantastic Sara! You rock! Good on you for feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It is
    time to embrace that which lies dormant. Congratulations! You did a remarkable job… like you’ve been doing it for years!

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