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To hit the target, you have to aim in the right direction.


     It is time to sign up for target practice. When you are hitting everything else but your target life can be extremely frustrating! I spent the majority of my life running around in circles. I thought that I was moving in the right direction, but I look back and can see that I did not have focus… “Oh look something shiny!” My goals were vague and I got distracted easily. I would also find that the moment one of my desires got too tough to tackle I would bail, put it on the back burner, and move on to something else only to find myself months or even years later wishing that I had not given up. Or my heart would be calling me back.

Everything that I have learned through the Master Key System is that we have to have razor sharp focus; we have to make clear, concise goals, and keep all of our thoughts positively aimed towards the target. It really is true that anything in life can be accomplished. We only fail when we do not try and when we do not persevere by keeping our eye on the prize.

Before I quit my office job one day a clear thought came through, “Sara if you are putting 40 hours a week towards this job and only a couple hours a week towards your heart’s true desires then where do you think all of your attention and manifestation is going? All of your time is helping build and manifest someone else’s dream not your own.”

Learning the proper aim for success does not happen over night. But with the proper tools and determination we can overcome all fears and hit the bulls eye.

Opt-in on the side bar to “7 Days To A New You”, and I will send you a free eBook to get started! ;-D

The time is now to retrain your brain, set your goals and hit every target! Do yourself a favor and Opt-in NOW! PEACE.


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