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Stop being a VICTIM… How to be more CONFIDENT

Victim & Confidence

How to stop being a victim and become more confident.

Before I started the Master Key Experience I had a victim mentality. Things in life felt like they were not working out for me not matter what I did or tried and deep down I was blaming everyone in my path. My self-esteem and self-confidence were at an all time low and my dreams were fading into the night. I would sit at my desk job day after day dreaming of a life that felt so far away. The more I expressed to the people closest to me of how much I was not being fulfilled their answers only contained one thing, “Sara, it is a good job and it pays your bills.” I would get so frustrated and on certain days completely infuriated with those types of answers and would think “What about dreams, passions and goals. What about waking up every morning and loving what you are doing? What about being the biggest person you can in this life, touching others and changing their lives? What ever happened to reaching for the stars, dreaming big and going after those dreams with all you have?” 

Untold Story

Do we reach a certain age where we feel we are no longer allowed to live with spice in our lives? Where mortgages and a pile of responsibilities pile up. Our corporate jobs take over and we become all for a paycheck we are at the beck and call of our employer. Where we are expected to “grow up” and just exist? Day after day, week after week, my soul was dying in that office. I was living a life I that my 20-something self swore we would never live. Did she have it all figured out more than my 30 something self? And the truth was that I had sold my soul for a paycheck. And I had lost my confidence and trust within myself to find a way out. I learned how to power pose and would stand tall and feel a glimmer of confidence, then the thought of rent, bills and responsibilities would flood back into my brain and I would slide back down the office chair, hunch back over my desk and watch my spirit shrink into nonexistence.

I remember clearly the first day of the course when we got our Blueprint Builder which is an excerpt from Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and number 3 on the list stated, “I know through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it, therefore, I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE.” And I thought how in the world and am I going to build my self-confidence and what do I do for 10 minutes a day to make that happen?

Just Do It

Cut to 7 months later from that day. The course had ended, my subconscious was still sifting and sorting all of the information and restructuring that had taken place all the months’ prior. I finished shedding the old and putting on my new coat of armor. I went to sleep one moonless evening and when I awoke the next morning I emerged from my bed a whole new woman. That fateful Monday morning I walked into that office and with full confidence I put in my 2 weeks. I took a stand for my life and for my dreams and I have not looked back since. To the rest of society it did not look like I had a true plan in place, but my plan had become something deeper then just jumping to the next job that would lead me to the same place of quiet desperation. My plan started with changing my thoughts within, finding the confidence to take a leap of faith, and trusting that the universe wants me to live up to my highest potential. I got this and I am free. This is your life and your dreams if you do not like where you are it is no one’s fault but your own. Take control, take responsibility and make a change! No one can do it for you. Do it now!

To jump start your experience opt-in to “7 Days To A New You” on the side bar. You will not regret it! PEACE.

I you have never read Think and Grow Rich, I highly recommend listening to the audio version!

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  1. You go Sara! Excellent read!

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