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Week 1- Reviving The Dormant


Reviving the dormant.

“You can not lead where you will not go.”

I wrote down that sentence from the first Mastermind workshop last Sunday. It struck a chord in me on many levels. It gave me inspiration, but at the same time it was a bit of a wake up call. When I was in my teens and early twenties I was daring and bold. I was not afraid to forge new paths and take the roads less traveled. I was a freethinker and the world was my playground. Then the years moved on and life kicked me around, my spirit dimmed, and the paths became like a dark night of the new moon. I was tired and I was broken. The best parts of myself shut down and became silent and my dreams began to fade. For myself I truly don’t know of many more things to be as heartbreaking. I packed up my life and joined the masses on the perfectly paved fluorescent-lit road.

6 years ago I was on an adventure in South Africa celebrating my 29th birthday. As a present my friends insisted on getting me my first tattoo. Being that I would be getting this tattoo while visiting Africa I stumbled upon a West African Adinkra symbol called, Hye Won Hye “that which does not burn”.

Hye Won Hye Symbol

Hye Won Hye

Hye Won Hye is a symbol of imperishability and endurance. The symbol gets its meaning from traditional priests that were able to walk on fire without burning their feet, as an inspiration to others to endure and overcome difficulties. For my 29th birthday it was my symbol of hope, to keep on keeping on, and find the endurance to heal all the pain that followed me.

Today the symbol came to my mind as I read that quote. It brought forth a new layer of meaning in my life. There is no mistake that I have this as a permanent statement right on the back my neck. Today I am embodying the meaning and walking on the fire to not only re-inspire myself, but to lead the path of inspiring others.

To find one’s self, take a stand for one’s self and claim the life they truly want to live takes strength, courage, trust, ambition, and a whole lot of faith that it all truly can be achieved. I will no longer silence my heart or play small as I have much to bring to this world. PEACE.

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  1. Love your Blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Keep dreaming and live your dreams.

  2. All I can is brilliant. I loved your post and thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts with us. Live it like you dream it.

  3. Wonderful post! Inspiring and thought-provoking! I’m glad you’re taking this journey with me!

  4. Enjoyed reading your blog. You are on your way. Far ahead of me.

  5. “I packed up my life and joined the masses on the perfectly paved fluorescent lit road.” Wow, that is a jammed pack statement that so many people hand their lives over to the ebb and flow of life. Thank you for that statement, Love that visual, thank you again, very nice blog.

  6. Greatly written words with lots of meaning. Love it.

  7. Thank you Sara, for discussing this. I shared it on my facebook page so that others I love may read your story and know they can be revived.

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  9. Sara that was so beautifully written and very inspiring! It will be nice going on this journey with you!

  10. Sara I think it is safe to say you are no longer dormant. Keep flying like an Eagle nothing can keep you your best self. 🙂

  11. You sound saw though you are already half-way there. And you inspire me to work harder on my blogs. I will enjoy walking this course with you. Stay safe.

  12. Beautifully written, Sara. May you find your inner wisdom..

  13. You remind me of a rose under glass. Well you have removed the glass bell and are spreading your beautiful pedals the the air and letting us feel your love. Thxz for your wonderful blog please keep it up. BeBlessed – Darren

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