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Week 23- ALL for 1 and 1 for ALL


I remember when we were first learning about our Personal Pivotal Needs (PPN’s) and Mark said not to worry too much about the 2 that you pick because through the course you will have touched all of them.

Legacy/ Spiritual Growth/ Liberty/ Helping Others/ Recognition for Creative Expression/ Truth-True Health

The 2 that I intuitively picked that I felt I needed the most was Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression. Like I did express in a past blog, Liberty, was found on a deeper level than my initial response to the word.



I took Liberty as something I needed to conquer externally when what happened was that 1st I needed to find Liberty internally. And I can boldly say I have freed myself from my mental chains.




Recognition for Creative Expression started instantly to come to me with such strong love and support from all of you whom have graciously read, commented, and praised me for my writings with this blog. I have felt so filled, seen, and heard by the most generous supportive audience and I am forever indebted and grateful that you took the time to send me love and support. I realized that I stopped creating years ago because I just felt like “What was the point, no one will see or care about it anyway.” And now I have poured out my soul and the feedback has made me open back up and continually want to share myself with the world.



Spiritual Growth also laid a bit dormant in me as around the time I stopped creating I also stopped connecting with God and the Universe. I have always been a very spiritual person. And over a few beatings and hardships I endured on life’s path I closed myself off and became numb. The daily sits really helped with my connection and listening to my higher self and God. I have started attracting more spiritual people again and putting myself in more spiritual situations. My energy is vibrating on a higher lever and the lower level energy around me is falling away. My connection to spirit is more tangible than ever before. And I have created a space for myself that I can tune into now at any time to realign or receive guidance.


Autonomy came to me in the form of freedom in standing up for myself and what I truly want out of this life, regardless of the influence from society of what I can or cannot do. The compass has definitely given us the tool to throw the clock against the wall, give the people whom have said “You Can’t!” the finger and keep moving forward.  I now fully trust my inner guidance and myself even when I go against the grain. I was a path maker all through my youth, then I let the outside voices start to influence my thoughts and actions. I think for myself and I act upon what I know is right for my life.



As the past few weeks has unfolded and my revisions of my DMP start to form I see that the changes that are taking place are leading me in Helping Others. This past holiday season I gave more than I ever have to charities and people in need even when I came to a point where I almost did not even have enough to pay rent. By being a part of the Pay-It-Forward Scholarship I am helping others to be able to better/save their own lives in the way this course has saved me. With the strengthening of my spirituality I now see where I want to blend helping others find their spirituality in whatever path it may lead them.



Truth has come to me by coming to maturity in being fully honest with my actions, my desires, and myself. True Health really took over the past 2 weeks. I finally became honest with myself that my body was not operating in perfect harmony and I needed to take any steps I could to feel better. I started seeing a Chinese Herbalist and an Acupuncturist to get what had become so unbalanced from the years of negative self-talk and over indulgence of toxic substances. In 2 weeks of being on a strict diet, taking specialty formulated Chinese herbal teas, and see the acupuncturist 2 times a week I have never felt more balance and more clear. Even after all the years that I have struggled to quit drinking coffee I have finally managed to let it go. All the negative addictions in the mind and in the body no longer have control and I am at peace.


As I have been the student in this life I am ready to images.jpegbecome the teacher and my Legacy will prevail as I have the knowledge, the wisdom, and the hands on experience to guide others back to the light. PEACE.



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  1. It is great to see that you are finishing so strong 🙂 Thank you for another amazing post, I look forward to seeing you continue to grow.

  2. Great video. The thing I noticed most lacking was nobody offers any advice of HOW to reach that inner you, your inner voice. A couple said that they sat still, every one said that they needed to find the inner peace of knowing who they were. This course is the only real, sustained effort to “help other people” to find the inner you.
    We are so blessed to have taken the path of the MKMMA.
    You end your blogs with Peace, I submit to you “Peace, Be Still”.

  3. All I can say is wow Sara every time I read your blog I’m speechless. You have a tremendous gift as a writer and hope some day get the opportunity to meet you. Namaste my friend!


  4. Sara’s been working so hard with the hand she was dealt, she now has a full house of PPNs! Focus on the being “in the dynamic flow of Giving and Receiving” and look what happens; just like Mark and Davene said it would, it comes back like a real friend you haven’t seen in years and yet remain connected, content and accpeting in the moment when they appear.

  5. Such a unifying adventurous phrase reflecting those Three Musketeers all with diverse personas fighting to do charitable courageous acts of service. Very grand visualization of 3 swords raised high, saluting and being grrateful to their higher power!

  6. FanTAStic post Sara and love the vid 🙂

  7. Wowza girlfriend you are on a roll! Clear in all areas! Fantastic! Proof that we are what we eat and think…. I really get the true health bit as this week I took myself to the local osteo who has me doing some exercises that are allowing me more strength and vitality in my day to day… And my connection through feeling physically better is becoming stronger.. Whoop whoop! I just love you and your dedication and persistence to the PEACE within you… Hugs.x

  8. Great blog.. funny you have put this video up, because I was thinking about using it.. and now I see others have too.. interesting..
    Thank you for sharing..

  9. you so eloquently express yourself in your articles, love to always read what you have written. You are an inspiration not only to me but others as well! You rock on Missy.

  10. Oh my goodness Sara you have so opened my eyes. I really never thought of seeing how my PPN,s matured through this journey we have all taken. I just want to tell you that you are an extraordinary woman and you have brought to light so many things to the rest of us. Thank you for being who you really are and letting me into your life through these blogs. Life will never be perfect but as we strive each day to be better this will be v
    called our journey. May God richly bless you throughout your life.

  11. Great blog Sara, hope you don’t mind I have borrowed your video to spread the info. You know as a network marketer – a newer concept on business, we get the looks “is this a pyramid scheme”, etc. What others think can turn people away from a business that is focused on helping others succeed. We don’t compete with our teams, we help them succeed. By helping them we help ourselves. Many join just to get out of the rat race and work from home so they have time to spend with their children. Many of us start simply because the products help people and we have been helped by them so we want to pass on our good fortune – help others. But mainstream advertising and society tell them only to listen to their doctors, not to think and research for themselves. Sorry, I am not suppose to have opinions, but my journey is to help others – and your blog and video and the words of Mark and Davene and other MKMMA members are going to help others to help themselves. If we accumulate more money by helping others, we then have more money to help with bigger things we want to help with in this big world of ours. I do hope we meet up some day. Peace and happiness will be your journey. Sincerely Connie McCracken

    • Fantastic blog! I love the video as well. Wealth has more meaning than money for sure.

  12. Wow Sara. Magnificent blog. Thanks for tying it all together.

  13. WOW! So beautifully put Sara!
    I haven’t even thought about the other five PPNs. I have been so focused on my two. Autonomy &a Helping Others.
    Thank you for your silent guidance to my growth.
    Peace, Love & Gratitude!

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