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Week 3- Forging Through

I started out this week in a whirlwind of emotion. As I read many people’s bogs I can see that so many of us are going through the same challenges and epiphanies all muddled together like a fine crafted cocktail. We are equally lost as we are found.

Sunday night I was feeling positive and even my short comings, which I discovered a few more in Sunday’s webinar, were not going keep me down. I looked at these new gems of information as a detached observation, rather than hanging on to another detrimental personal truth that I must cling to as if my life depends on it.

 Then the Monday morning alarm went off like a school bell. My thoughts came rushing to me from the dark side of the moon, desolate and debilitating. I rolled over and reached for my DMP, GS book, and the Blueprint Builder. The Greatest Salesman said that I would start to wake up with a vitality I have never known before. Instead I am fighting off my demons like an over worked dragon slayer. My DMP is beginning to claim all of my deepest dreams, and that morning my dog decides she wants to eat it and rips up half of the first page. Does she not want to have a saltwater pool in the back yard of our Malibu ranch estate? JEEZ! Nope, all that her cute face wants are endless morning pets. So then I decide to try to read aloud The Blueprint Builder and my mouth cannot even articulate the words.
     After fighting through traffic and almost having 3 different cars run into me I finally get to work. I walk up two flights of stairs to my office and my spirit hits the floor. I sit down in my windowless quarters hidden away from the world I dream to have. Disgruntled employees begin wander in and out of the sky dungeon spewing their toxic negative venom all over the bone white walls. And I am shackled to my desk for 8+ hours doing a job that I loathe and bathing in baneful office energy. All of my dreams begin to look as though they are a million miles away. To an outsider my job looks glamorous, as I am event planner for a high-end restaurant. I help put together small and large brunch, lunch and dinner parties and a few times a year we host some of the most talked about Hollywood events. But day after day the truth of my job is entering bullshit data, highlighting some papers, and finding that my only creative outlet is deciding what color font I should use for the greeting at the top of each event’s menus.
     The day I started this job almost 2 years ago I was walking towards the same stairs at an attempt to try out the “real world” and start a career because my old blue print told me I was just too old to be an artist/actor/dreamer in my 30’s and I needed to get a life. 9 to 5 here I come or more like 9 to 6:30+++. Step by step I walked closer to this Plan B Life and my heart screamed at me “You just made the biggest mistake!” I shut her up and kept going as it looked like there was no going back. Now I have spent my long days wondering how do I get out! Like many of you I do have a home-based business that I love, but that is another story for another day.
     Later in the day I had finished all of my work so I started reading some fellow MKMMA blogs. I passionately started commenting back and I did not even realize I was typing so fast that my fingers were tapping away on the keyboard like a perfect dance between Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Then my boss startles me and snaps me out of my creative mediation, “Hey, what are you working on right now?” Me, “Ugh.. Oh… I am just answering some emails.” My boss, “You really are just hammering away on that keyboard!” Me, “Oh yeah just trying to get all the clients’ questions answered.” She and I in the moment knew damn well my mind was on another planet and that I never write that much to any of my clients.
     Then I just got pissed off and my mind goes into panic when I start to feel confined. Why am I here? What did I agree upon with my old blueprint that this was the direction I wanted my life to go? And how the hell do I get out of this mess? At that moment my old blueprint decides it is an appropriate time to try and chime in. I quickly mentally silence her, as she is the reason for these problems in the first place. Now I have mentally spun myself out and want to just go home and take a nap.  But I still had 3+ more hours of work to go. There is nothing worse than having to act busy when there is not one task to do. That is when I got even more depressed, because I think of all the valuable time that I have wasted by sitting there just so I can pay the bills.
     That night I sat in mediation for a bit longer than directed. I reread all of Haanel’s teachings to propel me out of this funk. To my surprise over the next couple of days my DMP started to form with depth, structure, and direction. Once I got it to a point where I felt it was a strong revision to send to my guide I read it out loud. I started the first sentence and tears filled my eyes. I choked out all 400 words and it really hit me…. “This is my way out!” And I started bawling and as the flood of tears washed the sadness off of my face I felt as through I was released. The world once again is my oyster and I am here to claim all of her pearls! PEACE.
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  1. I totally relate to the feelings of isolation and despair of being trapped in an office cubicle. The hours, days, weeks…. passing you by because you need to make a paycheck. You look back and wonder, “What happened? Where did the time go?” Luckily, we have learned there is another choice. We can change our blueprint and create a new reality through our DMP. You are on your way. Follow your dreams and enjoy the journey.

    • Thank you!! I love this course so much. So many people to connect with. I try to talk to others how I feel and they look at me like I am crazy!

    • Thank you. It feels good to have a platform to release my inner daily dialogue! Ha!

  2. Sara, I believe that you are going through what we all go through to a degree! We are in a battle with our old blue print and changing it to manifest our true desires is very challenging to say the least. We are still young in this course and things get easier as we continue to do what they tell us to do. You are doing GREAT! Stay the course no matter what! You are Awesome !

    • Thank you! Yes I am definitely holding on until the bitter end 😀 I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people to go through this journey with!

  3. Great post. I look forward to seeing how you progress in the future. “Old habits die hard” – Most of what you experienced were the old programs trying to stay alive. With MKMMA teachings, we are getting rid of them.

    • Thanks!! Yes, the old blueprint is definitely not going down with out a strong fight. Little does it know that I bite back- hahahaa!

  4. Wonderful blog Sara. I understand how you are feeling, being nailed to a desk with little to do, certainly nothing inspirational, ESPECIALLY when you know you could be working on yourself is a HUGE drain. Stay with this. Keep blogging. Keep writing. Keep reading. Believe.

    • Thank you! Onward and upward! I found the webinar yesterday to be very motivating. 🙂

  5. What abundant and fertile passion you bring into your blog. That passion is your rocket fuel. Plan your trajectory with a smile! Blessings

  6. How beautiful! You certainly put a lot of emotion into it. I thoroughly believe that’s the key to making it REAL. Been there with you, Sara. I was escorted off my job last week, just a little bit after I realized, through this coursework, that I don’t want to be there anyway. After 20 years, it no longer meets my personal pivotal needs. I am no longer confined! Amazing how things happen FOR you, not TO you. And you have the MASTER key to drive.

    • So true. We always look like it is happening to us and we have been programmed with “poor me”. But really the universe is taking drastic measures when we don’t do it ourselves. Congrats on your new adventure!! I am so excited to hear where your new path leads you!!!

  7. Oh wow, I think there are going to be so many new happy things coming your way. You will soon tingle with excitement, and if you focus on your home business (networking?) maybe that is the answer. Not sure, why, but Canada film sure came to mind when I read your blog?? Funny when Canadians go the states to make it??

    • Thank you. That is really interesting. Canada does have so much filming going on. I will definitely keep my path open. And I do need to focus on my networking business and “get over it” and just “do it”. Thank you for reading and commenting with such great insight and sharing your intuition. Much love.

      • My pleasure – we got to be extras in a CBC program and year ago it was sure a highlight – keep up all your dreams – each week brings us closer to happiness and fulfilment!!

  8. You are SUCH a keen observer Sara! Love the way you can deconstruct the world without from the perspective of what you are creating in the world within! BRAVO!!

  9. Great final line – loved the blog!

  10. Wow! What great writing. I felt like I was reading an adventure novel. I use to laugh at fellow classmates back in grade school when they would say “My dog ate my homework”. Always thought that was a classic excuse. I have a close friend next door with two big white cross breeds, and just the other day after going to the library she had to go away for the day. When she returned one of her dogs, the female, decided to show her content by tearing up the book. Not a happy moment. If only they spoke our language.
    Your making great progress. Peace be the journey.

  11. Nicely done, Sara! I love the part when the dog ate your DMP………LOL

  12. Wow Sara. This really touched me. Thanks for sharing. Keep up on your positive change!

  13. Thank you Sara. Beautiful writing, filled with your soul. I had a similar ephiphany today… I think 🙂 This DMP I think is the dance partner we have to marry to get out of this place. I think you may be leading now 🙂 Lead on, young friend.

  14. I love the way you write… conversational. I had a bad week also, and it’s really good to know that perhaps the house I dream of near the beach in Carmel is not something completely out of whack.

    • Thank you. It really means a lot. We will both be living next to the big blue ocean. I can feel it. No dream is too big! If others can get what they desire than so can we! 😀

  15. Your post was funny, relatable, and inspiring. I have experienced some of the same ups and downs this week. Helps to know others are in this, too!

    P.S. My dog said she would like the Malibu pool if your dog doesn’t. 😉

    • Thank you!! Maybe your dog can have a little chat with my dog 😉 Ha!

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