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Week 4.2 ~ Focus On What You Are Wanting

Focus on what you are wanting.

I had such an epiphany this week about why I was constantly gripping to what I do not want. And why I was constantly reminding the Universe and others of everything I found unacceptable. Despite the fact that every Self-Help, Metaphysical, Self-Discovery, Manifestation… book out there all say the same thing. Focus on what you want. Do not focus on what you do not want. For some reason I still needed to repeat whenever I could what I did not want. Until I figured out WHY!


Trust is key.

It all boiled down to two simple things Trust and well maybe actually one thing. TRUST. My epiphany was that I have never really trusted the Universe and maybe myself for that matter. For some unknown reason I did not feel the Universe was doing a great enough job listening. And I never wanted it to forget the things that I did not like in my life. I had been too afraid to be thankful for the things that I do not want, because then I thought the Universe would just think that I was ok with it. But defying all laws I continued to let it know of everything that I did not like just so it would not forget. And I bet you can guess what I got in return.

Yes! More and more of what I do not want.

So with this new found information I have been left with one thing: It is time to learn to trust! It is time to trust myself first and in turn I will begin to trust the Universe. In the mean time thanks to all of the MKE exercises I can only but focus on what I want. I will keep you posted. Out with the negative in with the positive. PEACE.


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