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Week 4- Fire & Water



Two nights ago I had a dream that I was on a hike and all of a sudden a volcano erupted and I instantly started running down the mountain as I was being chased by the molten lava. At one point I realized that I needed to get back up the mountain to save my mother, but when I turned around the lava was biting at my heels like rabid dogs, there was no going back. I continued to stay on the worn path dodging large boulders and branches. Eventually I stopped when I no longer felt the heat on my back, this time when I looked back up the mountain the ground was smoking and painted black. The air quickly cooled the lava and I was able to start my hike back to the top. Everything had changed, the plants that filled the mountainside were nonexistent and my trusted worn path was now one big slab of lava rock. I was not able to find one landmark to provide direction. After spending hours of dream time wandering aimlessly along the hillside my aunt’s house appeared. Luckily my mother was there throughout eruption and since the base of her house was made of solid rock the lava did not affect them.

Through out my life I have had many dreams where I am getting chased by: people with guns, wild animals, tornados… You name it and it is after me and I will wake up in a panic. Sometimes I have to turn on the light to clear my mind so I don’t fall right back into the action packed chase sequence. Other times I have to get up to make sure all of the doors are locked just to ease my mind to relax back to sleep.

What I found interesting yesterday morning when I awoke I was calm, but the visual of the lava did not leave my thoughts all day.


Last night I was coerced into yet another dream of natural disasters. This time I was with my husband and my dog. My dog and I were supposed to get on one boat to be taken to an island where we would be hanging out with a group of people for the weekend. My husband was going to be coming on another boat later with a separate group of people. I looked out into the water and the waves were dark and angry. They were at least 30ft. tall. The vicious tidal waves were stirring the ocean into manic chaos. I looked at my husband and told him there was no way I was going to get on that boat. He said to me “Everything will be ok. No matter what you have to get on the boat.” I trusted his word and held my dog tight as we drove out to sea. To my surprise the ride to the island was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. We tossed around a bit, but the girl driving the boat navigated the waters like a pro. My dog and I made it without capsizing and drowning.

Being I had two dream nights in a row that had to do with the pandemonium of Mother Nature I figured it was significant enough to do some deep dream analysis research. And what I stumbled upon could not be more in tune and fitting to the inner workings of ol’ precious Subby. I found both analyses on the site The Dream Well.


“If volcanoes are a channel for things deep inside to come to the surface, they might indicate a powerful new knowledge that is becoming clear, an instinct we are becoming conscious of profound new depths of self knowledge.  

Fire or lava, can help us understand how change in our life means that some things are destroyed in order to make way for the new.  This can be scary and threatening when we don’t understand it, but it is not necessarily a bad thing.  We have to ”destroy” bad habits before we take up new ones; we have to let go of self-limiting beliefs before we can embrace a new perspective of life.

Fire and lava can be cleansing, so volcano dreams can be signs of spiritual or psychological growth.  Volcanoes as they erupt can help purge blockages, so volcano dreams may imply a release of tension, or a resolution of a problem.  Volcanoes when they have calmed down also change the face of the earth, they can leave islands in the sea where there once were none, they can create mountains and craters and fertile valleys.  So volcano dreams can also be symbols of creativity, sometimes in a frighteningly forceful way. But if we can be prepared for the awesome power that is potential within us, when it is unleashed we can be more aware and then be able to direct the power to our own goals, instead of wildly erupting and possibly damaging those around us.”


“Tidal wave and tsunami dreams remind us that if we don’t confront and deal with things that are out of balance in our life, then they will confront us first! They also will often indicate a period of internal change.  Remember that the sea is often a symbol for our own subconscious, so a giant wave in the sea can be like our subconscious rising up, making sure its power is felt through-out our waking and conscious life.”

I do without a doubt believe these dreams are showing me that all the work we have been doing for the past 4 weeks is diving into the abyss of my subconscious and I am working deeply from the inside out. Rome was not built in a day and I know that neither will be my new way of life… one brick at a time. I am forced to learn patience and I am finally willing to be her student. PEACE.


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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. I find some great messages in my dreams. I used to have a dream dictionary by the bed and when I woke i would write all i remembered from my dreams. I would then study the meaning. I think i knew back then 10 years ago that is the power of the subconscious. I am going to start interpreting my dreams again thanks to this story. Thanks. Beautifully written.

    • I would love to hear about them! I have always been a vivid dreamer and have always been so fascinated by them. Happy sleep adventures 🙂

  2. this is very insightful, wow keep engaged in your process, the Gods are clearing your spirit.

  3. Great blog – Funny people keep mentioning dreams and I use to have some I really wondered about, but since the course I have not had as many that I really remember. I did really like to hear the analysis of your dreams – very Keep up the good work. Connie

    • Thank you!! If you do start dreaming during this course I highly recommend writing them down first thing. I have always been fascinated with what my subby projects to me while I sleep.

  4. You write very well! I am enjoying your blog. Keep it up!!!

    • Thank you very much. I enjoy writing and have not allowed myself to write for years. Thank you for reading 🙂

  5. This is a great blog, Sara. You and your subconscious are communicating. Thanks for sharing this. Keep dreaming.

  6. That’s so interesting, Sara, I also don’t remember my dreams and if I did I don’t think I would have done what you did and listened!

    • Maybe you will start remembering and if you do definitely write them down when you wake up. They show us so much about of life 🙂

  7. Wow! I love some of the dreams I’ve been reading about. Enjoyed your post and looking forward to the next one!

  8. AWESOME Sara!!!! You’re such a beautiful writer. I have enjoyed every one of your posts 🙂

  9. What you shared hit home. By sharing those dreams you have helped me realize I am not alone as I have had similar. You have also helped me understand the change going on inside. Thanks for giving as you write 🙂

    • Yay! Thank you. Part of me was wondering if I should even share my dreams as many don’t like reading about dreams- ha! But I am so glad it resonated with you 😀

  10. Very nice, and thank you for sharing that site. I don’t dream often — or if I do, I usually don’t remember them. Maybe two or three in the last year. It’s awesome that you could remember them and find an interpretation. Luckily, someone more in tune than me gets to interpret them. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • You should write those 2 or 3 down right when you wake up. I bet it would surprise you what you find out!

  11. WOW! That is so profound, yet beautiful.

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