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Week 5- The Art Of War


     One of my yoga instructors describes yoga as “Meditation In Motion”. I did a session of yoga last night in my living room before I did my sit for the day. I figured what a perfect way to enter the sit by already working through breath and strength to begin to calm my mind before sitting in meditation. For those of you who are not familiar with yoga, at the end of each practice you lie on your back on the mat in what is called Savasana (otherwise known as Corpse Pose). This pose is to fully relax the body and give the body time to understand the new information it has received through the yoga practice. You generally stay in Savasana for about 5-10 minutes.

While I lied completely still relaxing every muscle from the intense yoga session a beautiful thought crossed my mind about working with the opposing forces of our mind. Instead of looking at our old blueprint, subby, ego, devil… what ever you wish to call it… as going to war, what if we started to embrace it and give it gratitude for its service and surround it with love? Maybe by sending it gratitude and love we would disarm it and then we would be able to find a space to work with it instead of against it. Maybe this fight I have been intensely engaged in for the past 4 weeks does not have to be a fight at all!

So as I corpsed about for the next 4 minutes focusing on giving all of the antagonistic me love. I showered her with gratitude, thanked her for her services and sent her away for the evening with a big mental hug. After my Savasana session was complete I had an enormous sense of relief like the weight had been lifted off of my heart. For the first time in a very long time I felt completely at peace and I entered into my daily sit with a quiet and still mind. Lets all focus on love not war. PEACE.


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  1. Yoga and breathing exercices are so powerful to calm the mind.Yoga changed my life years ago, and now the Masterkey does the rest! It is so nice to share this journey with you and the others in this community. Om shanti

  2. That was awesome…try embracing!!! Thats great. I have been at war and sometimes I feel like Im losing…peace and love and forgiveness..for it really is only trying to keep you safe. Thank you for the shift in perspective.

  3. Best of all, the art of self-discovery! Love the living example of mixing and matching what works for you. It helps me contemplate my next blended exercise. Cheers!

    • I love this! Thank you for sharing. Happy forward journey to us!

  4. Savasana, I am grateful Inow know what that means after all these years! So I have been acting as if i was dead… Great Job! Death Gratitude Pose is called Peace. …

    • Thank you! I know I never really looked into the meaning of Savasana until I experience this moment the other night. I always looked as Savasana as “Thank god it is over… now I can rest pose!” Hahahaha!

  5. I love the way you have used yoga to prepare your mind.

    • It really helps! Nights that I do the sit without doing yoga before hand I really struggle.

  6. what a great way to look at ourselves, we damaged ourselves enough, Thanks for the great read.

  7. Great post Sara! Reminds me of my younger days swimming in the rivers of Vermont. One in particular is very narrow with a waterfall feeding it. Tremendous effort was required to swim against the current but the reward was to gain access to a small space behind the falls. Once in there it was serene watching the world through the falling water. Upon exit, one could just enjoy the power of the river and just float downstream with no effort.

    • That sounds amazing! I now want to go swimming in the rivers of Vermont!! Thank you for sharing about that experience.

  8. Hi Sara
    I also use yoga every day alongside my Masterkeys tasking. Yoga is a wonderful exercising and relaxation tool for me. I have been practising for years on and off.

    • I have committed to doing yoga at least 5 times a week. It is definitely improving my sits. I love it!

  9. Give love get love… That blog gave me goose bumps great job Sara! I’ve done yoga in the past and you have inspired me to start up again. Thank you!

    • Yay!! Yoga has been the best gift to my life. My spirit brightens after every session. I did not even think of the phrase “give love get love” it is all coming full circle 😀

  10. What a terrific idea to love our old subby into submission. I am most definatley going to use this idea. Thank you.

  11. great thoughts!! I am always commenting “Why Can’t We All Get Along”

  12. how wonderful what you have experienced Sarah…now I close my eyes to feel the savasana, thank you !!!

  13. “…sent her away with a big mental hug…” What a powerful way to treat your former self. This was a fun read and I love the dog picture.

    • Thank you!!! I was dying over the dog pic when I found it on the internet ;-D

  14. I am committing to fitting the phrase “corpsed about” in daily conversations until Halloween. Love it!

    • I love it!!! Please keep me posted if you do. I laughed to myself as I was writing that line- ahahhaahaa!

  15. WOW! What power and insight. I can only compare it to the art of breaking in a wild horse. Break it’s pride it will render you no good. Show it love and compassion it will serve you to the end.
    May we all be blessed by your blog.

  16. another masterpiece blog 🙂

  17. Very nice! May all your sits be as calm.

  18. Awesome post Sara!!I I was just sitting down to write my blog and talk about how I’ve been majorly fighting my old blueprint. I saw a message in my inbox that you had posted yours so I ventured over for a read and my energy totally shifted. I LOVE the whole concept of embracing our old blue print and loving it away instead of fighting it!! I may have to go do yoga before I sit down and write my blog instead of after, like I was going to do. Thank you so much for the energy and attitude adjustment!

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