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Week 8- Liberty


Since I was 14 years old I was interested in Tarot cards. They had always mystified me. The fact that so many people are uneasy about them is what I believe sparked even more interest.

One afternoon I was with my family at the mall, my mom and I split up from my father and brother and slipped into a B. Dalton Book store. My mom went off down aisle of endless fiction novels and I wandered off to the controversial aisle of metaphysics. I scanned the row for the tarot cards afraid to pick up the box because maybe my fate was the ever-feared card of “Death”. I found the one deck on the shelf that was the least intimidating and studied the packing wondering what all the fuss could possibly be about. Then out of nowhere a lady with short black hair, cut into the perfect strait edged bob, walked past me and says, “Be careful. Those are all mighty cards!” I looked at her wide-eyed and froze for a moment then glanced back at the cards for a few seconds and when I turned back around she was gone. I poked my head out of the aisle and she was nowhere in sight. I put the cards back on the shelf unsure if I should listen to her or not. I did not have any money to buy them at that moment anyway so I took that as a sign that maybe I was not ready for their wisdom.

6 years later I finally started to study tarot. I was still terrified of the death card and all of the cards that felt they were laced with doom. And I could start to see why the lady warned me. I did not understand fully the art of the tarot and it took me years to learn how to really use and read the cards. The tarot truly is just a projection of the subconscious and when you change your world within you will see that even in the world of tarot the cards will lay out differently in the world without. When I eventually learned about what all of the suites really meant the cards became less intimidating. I just realized that this was my way of checking in with subby before I even really knew what I was doing or why!

Cups are a projection of emotional part of you. Wands or Staves are a projection of the spiritual part of you. Disks or Pentacles are a projection of the physical part of you. Swords are a projection of the mental part of you. The day that I really realized the “death” card does not mean I am going to die next week, and it is actually a symbol of something big in life is coming to an end and something significant is about to begin- I rejoiced!

But before I found the true meaning of tarot and how it actually works I would draw cards and take their meaning and try to make them relevant to one thing I would be questioning and/or wanting to change. These things would always be something external, a person, a problem, a lack of something I thought I needed, etc. Then the card that I would draw would stay in my mind for days. And it would not be until days later that something would occur in thought or in the physical realm that would show me the meaning of the card had nothing to do with anything external and the meaning of the card would have a message for me that was much deeper. And I always feel blessed with that “ah-ha” moment.

The week I had one of the same “ah-ha” moments with one of my PPN’s. My PPNs (a.k.a Personal Pivotal Needs) are Liberty and Recognition for Creative Expression. When I first chose “Liberty” as being one of my PPNs I took instantly read that, as I needed freedom from my desk job. Since everything in my life that I was focusing on surrounded career. Then as this week progressed it came to me. My PPN has a deeper meaning for my life that I was completely overlooking. Yes, it does ring true that my heart wants to be free from working jobs that do not align with my purpose. But first and foremost “Liberty” has came to me to show me that first I need to find “Liberty” in my mind!

All of these weeks I have been devising different plans of how to leave the desk job. What was I going to do in the mean time until I built my business? How was I going to tell my boss that I quit? How was I going to pay the bills? Or how could I even get fired? And what I was really spinning around my head was “How can I continue to control everything in my life?!?”

Then “Liberty” showed me that I just need to stop. Stop spinning plans in my brain. Stop trying to control the world without and relax. Let life unfold the way in needs to unfold in the time in needs to. Show up every day with the intentions for the life I want and have faith that the universe is on my side and will seamlessly roll out the red carpet of my life if I just stop getting in its way.

Freedom from the mind. Freedom from control. Freedom from the old blue print. PEACE.






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  1. About the only similar thing that I can think of in what you have called the “metaphysical” realm, that has received even more ominous media exposure, Sara, is the Ouija board. What your post brought back into my mind is my own initial jaunt. It was an entirely pleasant experience. It involved Rune Stones. Which, of course, triggers (Runic) the first stanza of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Bells.” And since it is the season:

    “Hear the sledges with the bells, silver bells!
    What a world of merriment their melody foretells!
    How they tinkle, tinkle, tinkle, in the icy air of night!
    While the stars that over sprinkle all the heavens seemed to twinkle with a crystalline delight!
    Keeping time, time, time in a sort of Runic rhyme,
    To the tintinabulation that’s a musically swells,
    From the bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells, bells,
    From the jingling and the tinkling of the bells!

    I can see why, Sara, your website and this post was selected by the MKMMA staff as the first ever featured during a webcast! 🙂

  2. Masterkeysara, Thank You for a very insightful blog. It rings true as we all are working on just letting go and flowing with all of our self and the Universe… Blessings Karen

  3. “Need to find Liberty in my mind” – BAM! You hit the nail on the head – for me as well! Thank you!

  4. Interesting how we try to press our “wants”, instead of awaiting for them to appear effortlessly. You have this figured out!

  5. Great to ear about your tarot cards, i love it!

  6. As always, lovely blog posts. My request for Liberty DID turn into being dismissed from work — along with many other employees. Not sure the company will make it, but thanks to MKMMA, and encouragement from classmates like you, I know I will make it! And so will you! Thanks, Sara.

  7. Wow, I grew up Catholic so Tarot cards naturally were of the devil. Its amazing how labels can be attached to certain things in life. It shows how misunderstanding and fear can influence a culture. It was kind of interesting taking the Master Key and I bet there are many who feel this may be blasphemous. That concrete Buddha can be built on many false impressions. Sara, we just keep moving on and learning. Great Blog.

    • I was raised Catholic too so I completely understand!! I pushed away from the religion very young but the beliefs were already ingrained. There was something about tarot that felt so wrong in the beginning until I fully educated myself. I feel it is like that with so many things in life. False Impressions- so true. Judgment beyond belief. I think that is why trying to not have any judgment, for us is so challenging. I love to prove myself wrong and contradict myself and the hard-wiring that happened before I even had an opinion. Thank you for connecting!!

  8. Nice segue I enjoy reading you.

  9. great Blog this week Sara, the growth is clear!!

    • Thank you! It is definitely getting clearer and clearer! 😀

  10. lovely Lady of Liberty! Great post and I love my angel cards. 🙂

    • Thank you!! Do you have angel tarot or angel oracle cards?

  11. Wow Sara, I learn so much for you every blog you post. Your insight pushes me to grow and expand. My PPN is also legacy and now I have a how whole other perspective on legacy. Thank you for being on this journey with me.

    • Awhhh thank you!! Thank you for being on this journey with me!! xoxo

  12. I get this. Sometimes we get so involved in organising our lives that we don’t take a moment to sit and let it unfold. The bonus is watching what happens. Thank you.

    • So true. But I feel like we are also conditioned to do that. I look in the past and when I have overly organized then I forced myself into situations that I realized I really did not want to be in. Thank you for connecting!

  13. Gives me more to think about or maybe to stop thinking about,
    Thank you Sara

    • Hahaha! Exactly right. Maybe we need to just give our thoughts a break. Maybe that I why I like sleeping so much. 😉

  14. My PPN’s are the same as yours Sara. I had never thought of Liberty the way that you just explained it. Thank you!

    • Thank you. I hadn’t either- ha! The sits really do help bring new thoughts and outlooks to fruition.

  15. Internal freedom is such Liberty!
    Great progress!

  16. Haven’t we all felt that way about at least one job in our life? How can I get fired? Oh how many times have I entertained that thought! Show up with intentions! Love it.

  17. Sara, what an epiphany! Similar to the speed reading we learned this past week, the focus is to be a light focus of both narrow and peripheral vision. The two combined give us a fuller richer view but, freedom from strain (via the “eye yoga”) is required to bring the full and true capacity of our mind and vision into harmony.

    Control is the “grand illusion” (by the band Styx) that we envy in our neighbors who seem to have all we wish to be and have. The going within and finding our true PPNs, crafting the DMP and building the self-confidence referenced in the Blueprint Builder exercise has the combined ability to deliver our own selves to Freedom and Liberty! What an amazing hidden in plain sight truth. Thank you for sharing your peaceful journey!

    • Thank you!! I am so sad that I was working during the speed reading course. Thank you for giving me some insight in what was taught in the class. Yes, I am finding I am less and less envious of others and I am gaining the confidence in attracting all that I truly with to experience. Thank you for connecting 😀

  18. Love your post this week Sara. Very interesting about the tarot, never realized the meaning of the cards. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so much!!! Thank you for connecting. Tarot is such an interesting misunderstood tool. I love it!

  19. Great reading! Wonderfully written. Now i understand Tarot cards. 🙂
    Have a great weekend.

    Inspire // Mika

    • Thank you Mika!! I hope you are having a great weekend as well!!

  20. sounds like there is a correlation between the shapes and colors and tarot cards, freedom is an awesome thing, thank you

    • Yes I think so now that you mention it- ha! Thank you for connecting 😀

  21. Wow, love it! I, too, get stuck over analyzing things. Love the reminder to hold the intentions close and let things unfold!

  22. Thanks Sara for good information about Tarot cards, and how you were able to go deeper and “inside” with your PPN. The world without will reflect that soon enough.

  23. Sara, Thank you for a very thought provoking post. I have the same PPNs and interestingly enough ave been toying with the idea of Tarot. I love what you write abut liberty, and it’s making me reflect on my own. Liberty comes in all shapes and sizes. I’ve been worried about the job scenario too, for different reasons. You writing about liberty of the mind is a real aha moment for me. Thank you so much!

    • I do believe it is time we all let go of control on so many levels. Lets give ourselves the gift of freedom on all levels. We got this! Thank you for connecting!! 😀

  24. Great post Sara… Love you detailed explanation on Liberty ….

  25. Libery of the mind is a thing of wondrous beauty. Brava for discovering this. Mahalo for your great insights and for sharing them with us all.

  26. hallelujah!! you’ve got it! mental freedom. peace of mind. ….. Liberty ! Good on you:-) So fantastic how it all works and the answers come in such a way that you could have never have dreamed it. Well done. Onwards and upwards!

  27. Freedom, so many meanings but always a great feeling. Love the post!

  28. Its easy to fall back into the old blueprint thoughts but we now have the tools to become greater. I too fell back this week to thinking how can i do this,what if this happens, eventually getting to a negative outcome. I then realised i had the power to change all that so i focused on the final outcome and how happy i would feel and bam it worked. Don’t be drwn into the old blueprint keep dreaming.

    • Thank you! Yes we have to constantly look forward and stop scaring ourselves by looking down. 😀

  29. Another blockbuster Sara! I’m going to have to read it again because the first time only scratched the surface 🙂

  30. I played around with tarot cards back in the day. Your post was a nice reminder of that time and you’re right t’s simply way to check in with the subby! Nice post.

    • Thank you!! I am so happy to help bring back some fond memories. Thank you for connecting 😀

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