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Week 9- In The Moment


     Wednesday morning at 5am we loaded the car to beat the LA traffic to start our journey for our Arizona Thanksgiving holiday weekend. My husband’s parents were joining my family’s festivities and flew into Phoenix where we scooped them up and headed to my aunt and uncle’s house in Payson, Arizona.

Payson is a beautiful town the in the mountains in the middle of the Tonto National Forest. The gated community they reside in is filled with camouflaged log mansions and an 18-hole, par-72  golf course masterpiece designed by former U.S. Open and PGA Champion David Graham.

As much celebration happened this year in all of our families, each side also experienced great loss. I could feel that we all were in the need of some quality family time. So I decided that this holiday I would completely unplug from the outside world and give 100% of my attention and truly be in the moment with my family. To be honest this is something that I had never done before. Some moments I felt it was like mediating. Any time I felt the need to check out, disconnect from the group, or have old triggers get the best of me I would just bring my attention back to the space and to the people that surrounded me. And I have to say this was one of the best holiday weekends I have had in many many years.

Each week I see the effects of this course in areas of life that surprise me. I am handling situations differently and I am starting to enjoy again what life is truly about.

I am grateful that we were all able to escape our jobs, have the flexibility to travel and spend time truly connecting. I don’t have much to say this week, but I am thankful for the family that is still alive and I am thankful to the ones who have passed who still fill my heart. PEACE.


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  1. You had EVERYTHING to say this week! So right that little changes are resulting in big payoffs. Time with family is precious and irreplaceable and you took full advantage of that by making little changes. I am so glad you had a wonderful visit!

  2. I’m glad you had a great holiday! I admire that you “unplugged from the outside world”. I got to enjoy quality time with my family as well, but there is always someone on the phone or the ipad. I think I am going to try that the next time I visit my folks. No devices when I’m spending time with them…….thanks!

    • You are welcome. It was so nice to soak it all up. 🙂

  3. Great! Bringing to presence really is the gift isn’t it? How much time is spent trying to get to the next moment and missing the one that is right now! Great job!

    • So true. I have spent too much time think and living in the future and crying about the past- ha! Felt good to be right here right now.

  4. Not saying much is also saying a lot.. 🙂
    And being thankful is really something.. a lot of people could learn that..
    And just by stopping and being grateful the world would look different..
    So you might think you didn’t say or give much this week, but maybe if we truly listen to what it is that you are saying, you gave a lot.
    So glad that the journey is working out in so many ways for you 🙂

  5. My motto: Life is too short not to live it in joy. I love how you are weaving the lessons so deeply into your life experience. There is no place like home and family and especially if we can just love unconditional, stay in the moment and just enjoy what surrounds us and stay grateful. Not always easy yet it gets better with practice. Love your post.

    • Yes it does. Thank you. It really was a special weekend. I love you motto! I may borrow it 😉

  6. How wonderful that the MKMMA lessons are translating into every corner of your life – consciously and unconsciously. Congrats! 🙂

  7. Lovely post sara .you are right about life being short and we must savour it whilst still honouring the ones which have passed . You are grieving . I can feel that . Virgil says . “Death whispers in our ear “live ” .I am coming” . I hope that helps to keep you focused on your wonderful life

  8. Hi Sara. “I don’t have much to say this week…” What?? This is an awesome post, with evidence after evidence that your cement is cracking off! 🙂
    Have a geat day!

    Inspire // Mika

    • Hahhaa! Yes it is. Thank you for helping me see that. I was so exhausted when I wrote the post that I felt it was so bare boned. Thank you! Have a wonderful day!!

  9. Happy thanksgiving. Thats what its all about family.

    • I always too family for granted. Now I refuse to miss a holiday with them.

  10. “In the moment” — the hardest place I’ve every tried to live. Thanks for sharing how beautifully you were able to do it — and with such great love. You are truly an inspiration, Sara.

    • Thank you!! In the moment is hard. We definitely have not been programmed to live that way.

    • Thank you!! I do think we all feel at times we could try harder then I have moments like these where I am retaining more than I even realized! 😀

      • Excellent! and so so true. I’m feeling it more and more… And whammo… then I don’t … but as they say two steps forward and one step back… I’m still moving forward. Yay!! I am experiencing little tiny doors opening… which is really nice! Keep focusing on the DMP Trust and Believe!

  11. Interesting that your blog is about Gratitude – just had a call last night declaring December’s theme as a “Month of Gratitude” for The Earth Diet members. Great post.

    • Thank you 😀 I definitely want to get into a routine habit practicing gratitude.

  12. I also have been greatful how our journey with MKMMA is showing us what is important in life, and how to reconnect with ourselves so we can realy connect with the people in our lives.

    • So crazy to look back and see for how long I really was unconnected. So happy to have this course as a tool to get back to the true meaning of life.

  13. Great post Sara. I lived in Flagstaff for many years and love all the smaller towns along the rim country. I am finding the exercises building a foundation under me from which I can enjoy the little things and thrill at small accomplishments. We also reduced the amount of noise and confusion around the holiday; what a blessing!

    As I told my wife Sunday, it seems that the universal was taking a break as well.

    • Such beautiful country around there. Arizona is so mistakenly misrepresented. So unique.

  14. Great post. Simply unplugging and stepping out into nature can reduce stress and grant you a sense of peace.
    Peace be the journey!

    • Yes it does! Living in the city really makes one appreciate the benefits of nature and how important it is to connect. Thank you!

    • Thanks Mary! Yes it is!! I am going to focus on gratitude for the rest of the year. I will make our one day of thanks giving last.

  15. Thank you Sara. So much we take for granted. Blessed are we for these times to be great full.

    • Thank you!! Especially now a days I feel we take so much for granted, because we can be so disconnected in our devises.

  16. life is much better without a world of distractions, family time is gone and the physical bonds have many ways dissolved when people in the same house communicate through social media, good job, life still happens when we actually talk, thanks

    • Yes so true. It was fun to drink wine, play cards, and tell stories all weekend. So heartwarming!

  17. wonderful post !!! it tells if we focus on one thing give a maximum effort, then the maximum amount of result comes back to you !!! very good example… thank you 🙂

    • Awwhh Yes! The magnifying Glass!! Ha! It is all coming together more than I have even realized. Thank you!!

  18. Thanks for this beautiful message! You are on the good path ! With love in my heart !

  19. Nothing better to be close to our beloved ones and feel them deeply! Im glad you had a marvellous holiday!

    • Yes, definitely. After the year we all have had it really has shown us how short our time is here. I don’t want to waste any more days not engaging with the ones that I love.

  20. It sounds like by giving yourself fully you received a great gift.

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