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October 3, 2016
by Sara Lahti

Week 1.2 ~ Time To Change The World Within

wold within

The World Within

1-36. This system will bring you into a realization of power which will be yours when you understand this relation between the world without and the world within. The world within is the cause, the world without the effect; to change the effect you must change the cause.

1-37. You will at once see that this is a radically new and different idea; most men try to change effects by working with effects. They fail to see that this is simply changing one form of distress for another. To remove discord, we must remove the cause, and this cause can be found only in the world within.

~Charles Haanel

Time to change the world within.

We are back at the Master Key Experience course and I am so excited! This year I am guide and I could not be more honored. I am ready to help my tribe navigate and expand through this course. To be honest I did let some exercises fall to the wayside over the summer. And it is time to take the bull by the horns again! I look back to my original Week 1 post last year and I can already see how far I can come, but I feel I have only peeled off the first layer.

When I initially started this course last year my world within was a dangerous place. My thoughts were filled with fear and negativity. Oh how I had wished that someone would have explained these potent facts to me when I was a child. As I was taking a shower this morning I was contemplating Haanel’s words in 1:36 and 1:37.  I remember people saying “Hope for the best and expect the worst!” The has to be the worst advice/way of thinking we could possibly ever do! We do have the power to change the world around us. And yes at first it may be a scary thing to go inside, because some of us have never even taken a peak. But once we face ourselves and learn to love our demons we can start creating the life we deserve.

I am definitely not perfect at this task and I still have some old blueprint residue that I had allowed to rebuild over the summer. But I am ready to take my world within head on again and clean it up so I can forge new paths of my reality.

The first and I feel the most important task of all others is “the sit.” I have committed myself again to this daily ritual. Because in the silence comes your greatest answers. Welcome to the new class of 2016/17 MKE! 6 months from now you will not even recognize yourself! May the force be with you! PEACE.

July 18, 2016
by Sara Lahti

Loving Yourself & What It Really Takes

Loving yourself and what does it really take?

Since I made the decision to quit my day job life has been an interesting ride. Quitting a job is really not that big of a deal in the
grand scheme of life. But for me this became a learning lesson about myself on many deep levels. It has highlighted what I truly want out of life and helped me to find what will truly make me happy. I learned about the importance of loving yourself fully from the inside out.

The process became a roller coaster of emotions, decisions, and release. On one hand it was the most freeing decision I had made in a long time. On the other hand I was secretly beating myself up for not making an income for over 2 months. I felt a sort of Jekyll and Hyde. As my spirit trusted myself for take this leap of faith, my ego wanted to take no part in such liberations. But I brushed off all the negativity I had ingested for the past couple of years and continued to move forward. I kept my head held high as I listened to my higher self. I trusted that voice of where I was supposed to take the next step. And this journey has been a great gift from the universe.

Trust Yourself: Only you know deep down the direction YOU should go, what YOU should do next, and why.

What has been revealed to me over the past few years is that I have had a very hard time trusting myself. I did not believe in every Beautdecision that I made weather it was bad or good. As much as I would say that I did not care what other people thought of me, I really did. The truth is, deep down I overly valued the opinions of others. If one person expressed a lack of understanding or negativity towards my decision I let it affect me. I would let that opinion sway me from moving forward in what I had chosen. Being honest with myself in this great discovery really has lifted a weight off my subconscious. My honesty has helped me gain a sort of confidence that I did not even know I was lacking.

Meditation is one big daily routine has really helped me in developing trust. Or what we call in the Master Keys “The Sit”. Taking 15 minutes a day and calming the mind and focusing inward I have started to listen fully to my own voice. Also The Sit has helped me pay attention to the repeated guidance from my higher self. It is where I truly have gained the wisdom and knowledge of learning how to trust my decisions, my own unique voice, and myself.

Turning Negative Traits Into Positive Traits: What if you took every part of you that you silently beat yourself up over and found that maybe these perceived negative aspects of yourself really have positive attributes to your life?

LovingThis is where loving yourself really starts to take shape. I had an epiphany a couple weeks ago that I needed to take these “ego beatings” and find the gifts. I asked myself “For each perceived flaw what could I do to use that positively in my life? And what might I be missing that this flaw could actually be one of my greatest strengths?” I decided make this a mission, to take these newfound strengths and put them to good use. I will report later on what I discover.

Follow Your Dreams: Maybe cliché, but actually you WILL increase your happiness.

RegretsIf you read my past blogs you can vividly see week after week my spirit being squandered. The longer I was not following my dreams
and the longer I was shackled to that desk the more my unhappiness increased. I had my dreams screaming at me daily, but I continued to silence them for the sake of a paycheck. To follow at least one dream, you do not have to go to the extremity that I did. Because the moment you take a single step your heart will soar! I felt my mood continually increase with every little step I took to move towards what my heart was calling for.

When we oppress our deepest dreams we become increasingly unhappy and when we are unhappy we are not loving our true selves. Meditation is another great place to discover your dreams. You may not know exactly what they are and that is ok. Just take some time and get quiet and honest with yourself. Dreams do come in all sized so don’t discard even the smallest of ideas that make your heart flutter.

Never Stop Learning: Just because school may have ended doesn’t mean that your spirit wants to stop learning, growing, and expanding.

Loving youself1I never went to actual University so I still have a thirst for learning. Not to say that people who went to college no longer want to learn. I just feel some days that my lack of a formal education fuels me to constantly expand my mind. I also have a need for seeking out constant personal growth. But what I have found in myself is that when I am sitting idle and not expanding my mind, my thoughts, or my experiences my self worth starts to diminish. I challenge myself constantly to learn something new whether I am interested in the subject or not. I will also continually say yes to new experiences or doing activities out of my comfort zone. The point is the simple experience, you do not have to like everything that you try.

Abraham Hicks talks a lot about our experience here (on Earth) is simply the contrast, constantly navigating through our likes and dislikes. So really I cannot be so hard on myself that I just did not like my job or that I spent over 2 years doing it. I gained a new trade and expanded my mind. I found that I disliked the work and challenged myself to find work that I love.

Put down your phone, turn off the TV and pick up an informational book or enroll in a fun class you have always wanted to take. Try out a restaurant that you would never eat at. Or take a trip to a place you have never been. This could even be a city or town near the one you live in.

Your Body Is Your Temple: Another cliché statement, but it holds more truth that you may realize.

Loving PeaceI LOVE to have a good time! And I rarely will ever turn down a glass of wine. But as I become more in tune with my body I have also
learned how insanely sensitive it is. I was not in tune and did not listening to what my body was trying to tell me for many years. So for more years that I would like to admit I did not feel the greatest and missed out on many wonderful experiences. Because my insides were screaming at me to pay attention and stop the abuse. The more I have started to listen to what my body needs my spirit has began to jump for joy. When I take care of my body, my body takes care of me. And you are truly loving yourself in return .

Side note: If you would like more information on a detox plan and healing your body visit: 30 Days to Healthy Living and contact me for any questions or order placing.

Letting Go Of The Past: This is another big one. You have to let it all go! We can only change the past by changing our future.

Letting GoWe have to let it all go to truly stop the cycles. I spent the past 2 months of unemployment reflecting on every move that I had made in the past. I found I was creating another cycle because I had not yet forgave myself for the decision I had made back then. And I was trying to relive this old life in a new one. I was not loving myself and for my choices that I made back then. I was still subconsciously beating myself up and I was living my future from my past mistakes. But I have realized that changing my future and how I handle all of life’s trials and tribulations changes the past. Because I am loving myself and letting go of the illusions that I have let stand in my way.

Taking Charge: Loving yourself truly is about taking charge of your life!

Take chargeStand up for your beliefs. Stand up for your heart. Stand up for your goals and soar. If you allow the universe to take care of you, it will. If you allow your higher self to take care of you, he/she will. If you believe in God, Jesus, Buddha or any other faith, it will. You must be true to yourself and your heart and find the love it is longing for. And once you allow yourself to love yourself you will begin to find love in all walks of life. PEACE.

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May 17, 2016
by Sara Lahti

Stop being a VICTIM… How to be more CONFIDENT

Victim & Confidence

How to stop being a victim and become more confident.

Before I started the Master Key Experience I had a victim mentality. Things in life felt like they were not working out for me not matter what I did or tried and deep down I was blaming everyone in my path. My self-esteem and self-confidence were at an all time low and my dreams were fading into the night. I would sit at my desk job day after day dreaming of a life that felt so far away. The more I expressed to the people closest to me of how much I was not being fulfilled their answers only contained one thing, “Sara, it is a good job and it pays your bills.” I would get so frustrated and on certain days completely infuriated with those types of answers and would think “What about dreams, passions and goals. What about waking up every morning and loving what you are doing? What about being the biggest person you can in this life, touching others and changing their lives? What ever happened to reaching for the stars, dreaming big and going after those dreams with all you have?” 

Untold Story

Do we reach a certain age where we feel we are no longer allowed to live with spice in our lives? Where mortgages and a pile of responsibilities pile up. Our corporate jobs take over and we become all for a paycheck we are at the beck and call of our employer. Where we are expected to “grow up” and just exist? Day after day, week after week, my soul was dying in that office. I was living a life I that my 20-something self swore we would never live. Did she have it all figured out more than my 30 something self? And the truth was that I had sold my soul for a paycheck. And I had lost my confidence and trust within myself to find a way out. I learned how to power pose and would stand tall and feel a glimmer of confidence, then the thought of rent, bills and responsibilities would flood back into my brain and I would slide back down the office chair, hunch back over my desk and watch my spirit shrink into nonexistence.

I remember clearly the first day of the course when we got our Blueprint Builder which is an excerpt from Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill and number 3 on the list stated, “I know through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of attaining the object back of it, therefore, I will devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE.” And I thought how in the world and am I going to build my self-confidence and what do I do for 10 minutes a day to make that happen?

Just Do It

Cut to 7 months later from that day. The course had ended, my subconscious was still sifting and sorting all of the information and restructuring that had taken place all the months’ prior. I finished shedding the old and putting on my new coat of armor. I went to sleep one moonless evening and when I awoke the next morning I emerged from my bed a whole new woman. That fateful Monday morning I walked into that office and with full confidence I put in my 2 weeks. I took a stand for my life and for my dreams and I have not looked back since. To the rest of society it did not look like I had a true plan in place, but my plan had become something deeper then just jumping to the next job that would lead me to the same place of quiet desperation. My plan started with changing my thoughts within, finding the confidence to take a leap of faith, and trusting that the universe wants me to live up to my highest potential. I got this and I am free. This is your life and your dreams if you do not like where you are it is no one’s fault but your own. Take control, take responsibility and make a change! No one can do it for you. Do it now!

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I you have never read Think and Grow Rich, I highly recommend listening to the audio version!

May 11, 2016
by Sara Lahti

To hit the target, you have to aim in the right direction.


     It is time to sign up for target practice. When you are hitting everything else but your target life can be extremely frustrating! I spent the majority of my life running around in circles. I thought that I was moving in the right direction, but I look back and can see that I did not have focus… “Oh look something shiny!” My goals were vague and I got distracted easily. I would also find that the moment one of my desires got too tough to tackle I would bail, put it on the back burner, and move on to something else only to find myself months or even years later wishing that I had not given up. Or my heart would be calling me back.

Everything that I have learned through the Master Key System is that we have to have razor sharp focus; we have to make clear, concise goals, and keep all of our thoughts positively aimed towards the target. It really is true that anything in life can be accomplished. We only fail when we do not try and when we do not persevere by keeping our eye on the prize.

Before I quit my office job one day a clear thought came through, “Sara if you are putting 40 hours a week towards this job and only a couple hours a week towards your heart’s true desires then where do you think all of your attention and manifestation is going? All of your time is helping build and manifest someone else’s dream not your own.”

Learning the proper aim for success does not happen over night. But with the proper tools and determination we can overcome all fears and hit the bulls eye.

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The time is now to retrain your brain, set your goals and hit every target! Do yourself a favor and Opt-in NOW! PEACE.


April 25, 2016
by Sara Lahti

Success In Life Is Being True To Yourself


     What are your dreams and are you doing everything you can in life to go after them? A secret dream that I held in my heart for years was to try Stand-Up Comedy. For 10+ years I told myself of why it would not work out and why I would fail. But the dream never left and like our hidden dreams they become louder and louder the longer we shove them away. Then we find ourselves on a downward spiral trying to silence them so we don’t have to face ourselves and our fears.

Through the 6 month  course of the Master Keys I told myself every day that “I can be what I will to be,” and to be honest I was not even sure if I really believed that I could. But I kept saying out loud 50 times a day, “I can be what I will to be… I can be what I will to be…. I can be what I will to be!” The power sentence morphed into a song and then a dance and I found myself rocking it out on my balcony singing to the busy street below. With each phrase I was learning to believe in me.

The New Year (2016) rolled in and I made a decision. I was not going to let another year pass me by without following my heart. So I signed up for an stand-up class. When the first day approached I thought to myself, “What the hell are you doing? You cannot do stand-up!” My old blueprint wanted me to ask for my money back and fully leave this dream behind. But thanks to my newfound MKMMA tools I forged forward and walked through the door, found a seat and allowed myself to be a student and “Dare to suck.” The first thing out of the teacher’s mouth was, “Stand-up is everything everyone told you that you could not say. Stand-up is about bringing out your true self.” What amazed me is that is exactly what the Master Key System has been helping me to do for the 5 months prior to that very evening. Stand-up IS breaking away from the cement and allowing the Golden Buddha to shine.

The class was 6 weeks long. 5 weeks were spent in the classroom  and our 6th class was to perform at the iconic Hollywood Improv. Let me say this was not the easiest 5 weeks. I was challenged on every level. I found myself resisting the homework and doubting every joke I wrote. I was faced with my perfectionism, fears, doubt, and self sabotage. The clock was ticking and the count down to my show began. Was I going to succeed or was I going to fail?

It was 4pm that Saturday evening before my show and I paced around the living room failing every minute that I resisted to write my set. Finally I stopped my mind and sat in mediation. I calmed myself, tuned in and allowed my creativity to flow. I realized that no matter what I did the next evening on stage I just had to be my TRUE SELF. For once in my life I had to let everyone in the audience see and hear the true me. I opened my eyes and began to write. My jokes flowed out of me and all the blocks had receded. I spent the rest of the evening and most of the following day memorizing my set. I made up my mind that I was NOT going to FAIL!

It was Sunday evening; the sun set and the show began. My heart started to race after each person from my class went up to perform their 5 minutes. The countdown began for me to take the stage I stood in the back waiting for the set before me to end. I have no idea what the kid said and if it was even funny or not. I just focused and stretched my limbs. Then he Host called out my name and the Universe took over. I walked on that stage like I owned the damn place. I grabbed that mic off of the stand as if I had done it a 1,000 times before. And when I got the first laugh I took that and I ran with it. For those 5+ minutes the world was mine and I had nothing to hide.

When I stepped off of the stage I felt like I had never felt in my life. I felt fully alive. I felt seen and I definitely was heard! For a week after I was still on a high, my confidence was through the roof and I felt like I could accomplish anything. The moral of the story… find your bliss and go after it no matter what, be true to yourself and you will SUCCEED! PEACE.


 Here is my set! Disclaimer: Not for my parents, My husband’s family, or small children! ;-D